What Our Sponsors and Players Receive

Please download a copy of our sponsorship rewards program, and view the numerous benefits of donating to Lanchester Blast Volleyball Club.  

There are 2 ways you can donate:

  1. Complete our online sponsorship registration
    • Closed
  2. eMail in the sponsorship form to:
    • blastvbc@gmail.com
    • Checks Payable to: Lanchester Blast Volleyball

To participate in the 2020 Sponsorship Campaign, please submit your registrations and logos by February 15th.  

  • Logos can be uploaded during the online process or emailed.
  • Logos can also be emailed to both sponsorship coordinators below:
    • Dennis Brown
    • blastvbc@gmail.com

Logo format info:

Ideally, we like files that are in “vector” format - .AI, .EPS, and sometimes .PDF.

Sometimes that is not possible, especially with photographs.  High-resolution .JPG or .PSD files will work (if you zoom in on the file and see pixels, the pixels will print when blown up).  Typically these files are larger (a few megabytes each and larger).  Any of these files will work great if created at 300dpi.

Online Sponsorship Registration

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